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New Design Services at Paris Flea Market!


We have customers ask...Do you have someone who can put all my treasures from Paris Flea Market together in my home? Well, yes we do!  Introducing the Design Diva’s at Paris Flea Market.   


The Owner of the shop, Susan Goodman is a Certified Interior Designer by Trade, since 1999. Her loyal band of Flea’s have been “Picking” and “Creating” one of a kind Vignettes for years in the shop. Together they have answered your call and will help you design a room or a whole house using the things that you love and creating a home that you will be proud of and want to spend time in.  


Have our Owner of Paris Flea Market, Susan Goodman, a 20 year Veteran Interior Designer do a walk thru of your home. She will suggest idea's for you to do with each room. If you are a DIY'er and want to do these projects yourself this is a great way to get new idea's that you never would have thought of. 

2-3 hr Consultation - Walk Thru



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